Rebirth or Decline? You Decide

Saturday, February 18, 2006


In 1972, America was a divided kingdom but her beauty was as striking as Auburn lightning so few noticed the division at first. She strode through the loveliest village of the fruited plain on a winding road that billowed like stars and stripes over verdant mushroom laden pastures. Her silky mane waved in unison with the reach of her thighs and with the toss of her hand she broadcast a scattering V-formation of eyeballs as a peppering pattern of Vice-Presidential birdshot dreamily cast from her purse.

The trance of her green pupils spoke the native tongue of Kowliga as an innocent 19 year old who was perplexed and intrigued by her power to attract men. She was a sweet hearted soul who meant no harm but craved congregation. She believed in Special Education, the Victorious Underdog, and the Beatle’s song, “Love Is All You Need.” America's chuckled distraction from looney tunes became the soundtrack to the fertile dragon’s teeth being sown in the rice paddies of Viet Nam.

A dixie bantam rooster who called himself “the fightin’ judge” was forging the Great Society while Upper class brats were learning patience and taking their student deferment lumps from their cop cousins who were tied to the whippin' post and simply needed a job.

The countryside rocked and rolled until Frat-boy Greeks and their Quaker President were impeached by the subterranean elephant that would later be immortalized in talk radio as “The Self-Righteous Liberal with clenched jaw.”

That very same self righteous liberal would discover salvation 33 years later in the forgiving grace written by the Author of True Love. But until that moment, the kingdom was in conflict and America cast her eyes like sown seed in elysian fields mortgaged by the Earth's Evil Ruler (Luke 4: 14-32)

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